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tikev39 posted in #python #hackerrankproblem #hackerrank-solutions #solution #codingchallenge

Solution in python3 for 'Cavity Map' problem on HackerRank

Solution in python3 for Cavity Map problem on HackerRank s website. If you have any questions regarding my code, feel free to ask in the comments

shihab posted in #bash #script #ubuntu #linux #solution #tutorial

How to Install Cisco Packet Tracer on Ubuntu 20.04

Packet Tracer is a cross platform visual simulation tool designed by Cisco Systems that allows users to create network topologies and imitate modern computer networks The software allows users to simu

shihab posted in #error #solution #snippets #linux #ubuntu

Solution For: Can't find the settings option in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

As with every Ubuntu release Ubuntu 20 04 LTS comes with a selection of the latest and greatest software developed by the free software community But after switching from 18 04 to 20 04 i faced a prob

shihab posted in #solution #error #docker #mysql #database #snippets

Solution For "docker-entrypoint.sh: line 83: mysqld: command not found" while running mysql in docker

While I was trying to run mysql database in my local linux machine through docker it was giving me some wired error This is how I solved this My Environment OS Linux Ubuntu 20 04 Docker version 19 03

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #java #beginners #uriproblem #codingchallenge #solution

URI 1041 Coordinates of a Point SOLVED in Java

Hello i found this code little bit hard to understand but solved it and i think this might be also hard to understand to some of the beginners who is solving problems So here is how i solved it Proble

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #sql #beginners #uriproblem #codingchallenge #solution

URI 2603 Customer Address (Solved)

Hello coders Here is another solution of a problem from URI Customer Address Problem link URI 2603 Task Our job is in having the names and addresses of customers who live in Porto Alegre to deliver th

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #java #uriproblem #beginners #solution #codingchallenge

URI 1098 Sequence IJ 4 ( Solved ) in JAVA

I just solved the a URI problem no 1098 using JAVA Here is how i solved it because it might be hard to for some beginner to understand the sequence of this code like i faced Problem Link URI 1098 Sequ

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #java #solution #hackerrank-solutions #codingchallenge #beginners

HackerRank End-of-file solution in JAVA

In computing End Of File commonly abbreviated EOF is a condition in a computer operating system where no more data can be read from a data source — Wikipedia End of file Solution Problem Link Input F

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #postgresql #mysql #codingchallenge #solution #uriproblem

URI 2602 Basic Select solution

Hello this is the 1st problem of SQL in URI And here is how i solved it Problem Link URI 2602 Task Your company is doing a survey of how many customers are registered in the states however lacked to r

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #java #uriproblem #solution #beginners #codingchallenge

URI 1047 Game Time with Minutes using JAVA

Hello This is one of the hardest beginner level problem in URI i think Here is how i solved it because it might be hard to understand to some of beginner Let me know if you got any better solution the

fayek posted in #sql #mysql #uriproblem #solution #codingchallenge

URI SQL solution 2639-Payday

Today i have solved the URI SQL sollution 2639 Payday and i want to share the sollution with you Select the names and day of month in which each client must pay theirs parcel Detailed problem descript

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #java #uriproblem #beginners #solution #codingchallenge

URI 1013 The Greatest solution in JAVA

URI 1013 is another beginner level problem which is solved by me and sharing it because it might be hard to understand the problem to some beginner URI 1013 problem link Solution We are going to make

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #java #uriproblem #beginners #codingchallenge #solution

URI 1046 Game Time solution in JAVA

Hello i just solved a pretty simple problem of URI in java And want to share with you Solution with Explanation So its basically a game of time where we need to calculate the duration of the game know

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #java #uriproblem #beginners #codingchallenge #solution

URI 1021 Banknotes and Coins solution in JAVA

Bank note and coin is another beginner level problem from URI which I solved using JAVA And I wanted to share the solution with you Problem Link Solution Input The input file contains a value of float

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #javascript #css #beginners #solution #html #snippets

Sublime Text autocomplete suggestions does not appear ?

Hello i was also facing this problem and I was not sure about which particular setting I changed or this might be occur due to installation of wrong version of Sublime i think And you will see that au