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anonymous posted in #git #error #snippets

error: unknown option 'ahead-behind' [SOLVED]

This fine morning we were facing this error unknown option ahead behind while running this git command from an internal script git status sb ahead behind Problem Well it was a new machine and we found

shihab posted in #javascript #error #expressjs #nodejs #mysql #snippets

Solution For: TypeError: require(...) is not a function while using sequelize with express js

Sequelize is a promise based Node js ORM for Postgres MySQL MariaDB SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server We often use this with node express etc while using sequelize with express and mysql we get an commo

shihab posted in #error #solution #snippets #linux #ubuntu

Solution For: Can't find the settings option in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

As with every Ubuntu release Ubuntu 20 04 LTS comes with a selection of the latest and greatest software developed by the free software community But after switching from 18 04 to 20 04 i faced a prob

shihab posted in #solution #error #docker #mysql #database #snippets

Solution For "docker-entrypoint.sh: line 83: mysqld: command not found" while running mysql in docker

While I was trying to run mysql database in my local linux machine through docker it was giving me some wired error This is how I solved this My Environment OS Linux Ubuntu 20 04 Docker version 19 03