Hello, i found this code little bit hard to understand but solved it, and i think this might be also hard to understand to some of the beginners who is solving problems, So here is how i solved it :

Problem Link : URI 1041


We are going to write an algorithm that reads two floating values (x and y), which should represent the coordinates of a point in a plane. Next, we are gonna determine which quadrant the point belongs, or if we are over one of the Cartesian axes or the origin (x = y = 0).

If the point is at the origin, write the message "Origem".

If the point is over X axis write "Eixo X", else if the point is over Y axis write "Eixo Y".


The input contains the coordinates of a point.

Sample input :

0.0 -3.5


The output should display the quadrant in which the point is.

Sample output :

Eixo Y

Hope this will help you <3.