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Write a postgresql hack
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metabox posted in #sql #postgresql #snippets

How To Extract Domain Name From Email Address | PostgreSQL SELECT Query

In this simple SQL query we will see how to select domain name from email address. Extract domain In postgres we can simply use split part function which splits a string on a specified delimiter and r

metabox posted in #sql #postgresql #snippets

SQL Query To Extract URL / Link From Text Content Of Postgres Database Table | Regex Extractor

In this post we will see how simple it is to extract a URL or a link from your text or character varying content. In this example I am using regex for postgres database. Query Simply we are going to u

anonymous posted in #postgresql #snippets #database #performance

How Benchmark PostgreSQL Database using pgbench - Performance Test

Benchmarking is the tool of choice for testing and tuning the performance of a relational database management system RDBMS . The open source RDBMS PostgreSQL already offers a number of tools to make l

metabox posted in #snippets #postgresql #macos

PostgreSQL server unable to start due to icu4c's | Reason: image not found

Due to new upgrade on Mac my psql server was failing to start due to some mismatch with icu4c version Here s what I did to fix it Impacting services PHP PostgreSQL Error While Running psql dyld Librar

metabox posted in #postgresql #snippets

Database files are incompatible with server | Upgrading PostgreSQL With Existing Data in MAC OSX

Error FATAL  database files are incompatible with server DETAIL  The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 11 which is not compatible with this version 12 4 Solution brew postgresql upg

mirlabibhossain99 posted in #postgresql #mysql #codingchallenge #solution #uriproblem

URI 2602 Basic Select solution

Hello this is the 1st problem of SQL in URI And here is how i solved it Problem Link URI 2602 Task Your company is doing a survey of how many customers are registered in the states however lacked to r

ikrum posted in #script #database #postgresql #docker #snippets

A bash script to take PostgreSQL database backup everyday from docker container

I have a postgres database running in docker-compose and I wanted to take a backup my database every day or in certain interval. Here is a simple bash script that I use to backup my database. Find your docker container name of your database docker p