Bank note and coin is another beginner level problem from URI which I solved using JAVA.

And I wanted to share the solution with you !

Problem Link



The input file contains a value of floating point N.

Sample input



Print the minimum quantity of banknotes and coins necessary to change the initial value, as the given example.

Sample output

5 nota(s) de R$ 100.00
1 nota(s) de R$ 50.00
1 nota(s) de R$ 20.00
0 nota(s) de R$ 10.00
1 nota(s) de R$ 5.00
0 nota(s) de R$ 2.00
1 moeda(s) de R$ 1.00
0 moeda(s) de R$ 0.50
1 moeda(s) de R$ 0.25
1 moeda(s) de R$ 0.10
1 moeda(s) de R$ 0.05
3 moeda(s) de R$ 0.01

Hope this will help you, And let me know if you got any better solution <3