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anonymous posted in #python #project

BlackJack for Reddit

This is a blackjack simulator. I am an entry level programmer and I am looking to improve. Please feel free to share any thoughts on my code. I think my next steps are to make it more modular by creat

anonymous posted in #java #codingchallenge

Manasa and stones hackerrank solution in java

Manasa is out on a hike with friends. She finds a trail of stones with numbers on them. She starts following the trail and notices that any two consecutive stones numbers differ by one of two values.

anonymous posted in #python #snippets

Pagination on Mapillary API to Download Complete Data Using Python

How to paginate through Mapillary API to download complete data inside a bounding box. This will allow you to access the API, specify a layer, set a filter to get only one type of traffic sign or poin

anonymous posted in #rust #snippets

Guessing game from the Rust documentation

This is a copy of the guessing game from the Rust documentation found at https doc.rust book ch02 00 guessing game tutorial.html

anonymous posted in #postgresql #snippets #database #performance

How Benchmark PostgreSQL Database using pgbench - Performance Test

Benchmarking is the tool of choice for testing and tuning the performance of a relational database management system RDBMS . The open source RDBMS PostgreSQL already offers a number of tools to make l

anonymous posted in #latex #snippets

Demonstrating underbrace | Latex

Demonstrating underbrace as used to denote number of elements in a list or a term in a polynomial without using powers

anonymous posted in #java #exception #snippets

How to Fix MockitoException: Could not modify all classes For Java 13

In java version 13 I ve been facing this issue around Mockito in my spring project which failing test cases Exception Summary Underlying exception org mockito exceptions base MockitoException Could no

anonymous posted in #git #error #snippets

error: unknown option 'ahead-behind' [SOLVED]

This fine morning we were facing this error unknown option ahead behind while running this git command from an internal script git status sb ahead behind Problem Well it was a new machine and we found

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json example for pdt

Since every user has a home tab this one is not present in the return The url s are not correct url s and the names are also not correct An application for which a user has no roles would not be in th

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Python Chat wakakaw

Ini adalah code python nggk jelas yg saya buat jadi gini doang mantap daan gitu lah ini yg penting ada 100 characters dan gitulah yg penting halaman kosong ini terisi dengan sesuatu g jelas trsrah apa

anonymous posted in #python #codingchallenge

birthdaycake hackerranker

Python Solution for BirthdayCake Hackerrank problem Problem Complete the birthdayCakeCandles function below T Thefunction is expected to return an INTEGER The function accepts INTEGER ARRAY candles as

anonymous posted in #c #snippets

RdW: Summe bekannt, Zahlen gesucht

Schneller Backtracking Algorithmus zum Finden pandigitaler Zahlen im gegebenen Zahlensystem mit polyteilbarer Eigenschaft

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ERROR: Failed to download Chromium r722234! Set "PUPPETEER_SKIP_CHROMIUM_DOWNLOAD" env variable to skip download.

If you are having download Chromium issue while installing puppeteer gsts and similar node packages Heres how you can solve this NPM Problem Trace npm WARN deprecated cross spawn async 2 2 5 cross spa

anonymous posted in #sql #snippets

SQL - CTE - Multiple tables - Join - Concatenate

SQL CTE Multiple tables Join Concatenate Common Table Expressions example 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 4 5 3 2 8 4 2 65 61 21   Title   DateOfBirth   FROM  Person Person  SET TWO AddressCTE ID Addy1 Addy2 Ci

anonymous posted in #csharp #other


Roslyn and OmniSharp Visual Studio Code uses the power of Roslyn and OmniSharp to offer an enhanced C experience We offer support for NET Core projects MSBuild projects C scripts CSX On startup the be

anonymous posted in #json #snippets

FENIX Message Structure

The FENIX connectors will exchange information by using a common message structure that will make these components interoperable between them

anonymous posted in #php #snippets #wordpress #woocommerce #plugins

Simple Function To Add / Create Custom Order Status For Your Wordpress WooCommerce Store

Order status offered by woocommerce were not enough for my project I wanted to create some new custom statuses for my shop Here s a simple and easy code snippet that I ve used to introduce new order s

anonymous posted in #python #beginners #snippets

Simple python program to take 2 number as input and print summation

Simple python program to take 2 number as input and print summation Write a function to sum to number in python def sum a b     return a b

anonymous posted in #bash #script #snippets #server

Simple Shell or Bash Script To Check If Service Is Running & Restart It When Dead

Very often we are in need to check if a service up and running periodically in linux or ubuntu server and restart them if they are dead Here is a simple bash script that you can use to check any servi

anonymous posted in #kotlin #snippets #testing

Fixing WebTestClient Exception: Timeout on blocking read for 5000 MILLISECONDS

In Spring webflux tests I was having this timeout out issue and I wanted to increase timeout in the webclient Exception java lang IllegalStateException Timeout on blocking read for 500 MILLISECONDS a