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ashikp posted in #php #wordpress #nginx #apache #tutorial

How to fix the TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error in WordPress

Today I will share a problem I solved As WordPress developer like us always face a problem The Problem is called Too Many Redirect or ERR TOO MANY Why this problem come Before that let s learn why thi

anonymous posted in #php #snippets #wordpress #woocommerce #plugins

Simple Function To Add / Create Custom Order Status For Your Wordpress WooCommerce Store

Order status offered by woocommerce were not enough for my project I wanted to create some new custom statuses for my shop Here s a simple and easy code snippet that I ve used to introduce new order s

ashikp posted in #php #snippets #wordpress

Disable development mode in Wordpress Jetpack Plugin

Intro I am working with WordPress from long time There are lots of thing it s hard to find Today I solve a problem In most of WordPress site we use jetpack by WordPress com It s a good plugin but some

ikrum posted in #php #wordpress #woocommerce #snippets

Hide woocomerce product price, quantity, add to cart button for guest (not logged in) users | Wordpress Hacks

This is very simple gist to disable or hide product prices for guest users. Only logged in user can see product prices, quantity and add to cart button. Only registered & logged in user can add to cart and make order I've encountered a situation whe

anonymous posted in #docker #devops #wordpress #snippets #tutorial

Install Wordpress In your local machine (Windows, Linux, Mac) with Docker Compose | Prepare Local Development environment in one minute

Example Docker Compose FIle For Wordpress MySQL phpmyadmin This docker compose yaml file is ready to runto use to install worldpress in your local machine in just one minute One file one minute to get