URI 1018 problem is one of the simple problem in URI. Maybe for some beginners it take some time to understand the problem. If you are having some hard time solving it, here's the solution using JAVA.

Problem link



The input file contains an integer value N.

Sample input



Print the read number and the minimum quantity of each necessary banknotes in Portuguese language, as the given example.

Sample output

 112 nota(s) de R$ 100,00
 1 nota(s) de R$ 50,00
 0 nota(s) de R$ 20,00
 0 nota(s) de R$ 10,00
 1 nota(s) de R$ 5,00
 1 nota(s) de R$ 2,00
 0 nota(s) de R$ 1,00

Hope this will help you <3