NetBeans is a popular IDE for Java and other application development. Which allows applications to be developed from a set of modular software components called modules. NetBeans is available to run on popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux systems.

In This tutorial, we will learn how to install Netbeans IDE on your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Apache NetBeans IDE requires Java 8 or later Java Development Kit installed on your system. To install Java on your system, run the following command

$ sudo apt install default-jdk

Install Netbeans on Ubuntu

We use the snap package to install Netbeans IDE on the Ubuntu Linux system. The latest Ubuntu system has default Snapd installed for application installation. Open a terminal on your system and run the following command to install Netbeans IDE

$ sudo snap install netbeans --classic

On successfully install, you will see output like below:

netbeans 11.3 from Apache NetBeans* installed

Remove Netbeans

Once you don’t need Netbeans on your system. Use the following command to remove Netbeans from your Ubuntu system using the snap command.

$ sudo snap remove netbeans

Note: Few Part of this tutorial is taken from a tutorial over the internet.