GO Solution For UVa 10201 - Adventures in Moving - Part IV. In this post we will see how we can solve this challenge in GoLang for UVa Online Judge.

Problem Description

To help you move from Waterloo to the big city, you are considering renting a moving truck. Gas prices being so high these days, you want to know how much the gas for such a beast will set you back.

The truck consumes a full litre of gas for each kilometre it travels. It has a 200 litre gas tank. W


You can find the full details of the problem Adventures in Moving - Part IV at UVa Online Judge

Sample Input


100 999
150 888
200 777
300 999
400 1009
450 1019
500 1399

Sample Output


Solution: Please check the main.go snippet for the solution.

Solution originally posted at: Github by @codingsince1985