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Problem Description

A website domain like "" consists of various subdomains. At the top level, we have "com", at the next level, we have "", and at the lowest level, "". When we visit a domain like "", we will also visit the parent domains "" and "com" implicitly.

Now, call a "count-paired domain" to be a count (representing the number of visits this domain received), followed by a space, followed by the address. An example of a count-paired domain might be "9001".

Example 1:
["9001", "9001", "9001 com"]
We only have one website domain: "". As discussed above, the subdomain "" and "com" will also be visited. So they will all be visited 9001 times.

Example 2:
["900", "50", "1", "5"]
["901","50","900","5","5 org","1","951 com"]
We will visit "" 900 times, "" 50 times, "" once and "" 5 times. For the subdomains, we will visit "" 900 + 1 = 901 times, "com" 900 + 50 + 1 = 951 times, and "org" 5 times.


  • Each address will have either 1 or 2 "." characters.
  • The answer output can be returned in any order.

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