Collatz Conjecture is an example of math problems. In this post we will see how we can solve it in Javascript.

Problem Description

The Collatz Conjecture states that the sequence of positive integers generated by repeated application of the Collatz function will always pass through 1.

Collatz function f(n) :

  • 3n + 1 n odd
  • n/2 n even


f(2) = 1
f(3) = 10 => f(10) = 5 => f(5) = 16 => f(16) = 8 => f(8) = 4 => f(4) = 2 => f( 2) = 1

In these examples, the transformation was applied once and seven times, resp.

  • Q1: Write a function that returns the number of transformations needed to first reach 1.
  • Q2: Write a function that prints the input value and the number of transformations that maximizes the latter in the range [1 ... N], were N is of the order of one million.
findMax(3) -> "3 -> 7"

 Solution: Please check the main.js snippet for the solution. If you have different approach in mind or have any suggestion for this implementation feel free to share in the comment below. Thanks!

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