11219.cpp, C++ Solution of problem: UVa 11219 - How old are you?. In this post we will see how we can solve this challenge in C++ for UVa Online Judge.

Problem Description


  • Here are the filled form.
  • Thank you. Let me check... hum... OK, OK, OK... Wait, how old are you?
    1. Did I forget to fill it?
  • No. It says here that you'll be born next month! The year is wrong...
  • Oh... Sorry!

The process is going to be automatic and to avoid some human errors there will be a calculated field that informs the age based in the current date and the birth date given. Th


You can find the full details of the problem How old are you? at UVa Online Judge

Solution: Please check the 11219.cpp snippet for the solution.

Solution originally posted at: Github by @SITZ