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azrina posted in #css #styles #project #html

Simple Social Accounts Link Button Design Using CSS

This is an simple but awsome looking Social Accounts Link Button with some cute hover effect using css You can try this can use these button into your portfolio site or anywhere you want Feel Free to

shihab posted in #css #styles #beginners #project

Very Simple Loader Ring Using HTLM and CSS Animation

This a very simple loader circle using HTML and CSS In our web page in case of loading we can use this CSS Animations An animation lets an element gradually change from one style to another You can ch

azrina posted in #css #styles #snippets #beginners #html

A Simple Hover Design On Text by Me Using Pure HTML and CSS

Hover is a very attractive effect on a web page During learning html css i created this hover effect on a text We can use this on our web page to make particular text look cool I have used adding cont

azrina posted in #css #html #beginners #styles #project

My Neon Light Button Designs Using Pure HTML and CSS | Mini Project

Who doesn t like cool neon light designs Here in this example project I have designed few neon buttons using pure html and css Features Neon light for Login Signup Join buttons with hover effect Anima