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Example Golang Function To Shuffle Letters / Characters Or Words in Text | String Randomizer

Doing a lot of randomize practice today Let s look into another example to build World s simplest letter or word shuffler in go programming Method Shuffle Words This function uses strings Fields to sp

metabox posted in #go #golang #beginners #tutorial #random

Simple GoLang Function to Shuffle or Randomize a Slice or Array

If not super often some time we definitely need to randomize an array or slice Here s an example implementation to shuffle our array in go programming Our Shuffle Slice Method Using rand shuffle to ra

metabox posted in #go #golang #beginners #tutorial #random

Simple Golang Function For Generating Random String, Strong Password, OTP, Random ID / code for a Given Length

We all need to generate random strings random strong password One time password OTP Pass Code Random user ID Order Code Invoice Code etc So here I have an example go implementation for generating rand