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metabox posted in #kotlin #beginners #tutorial

Kotlin - How to get maxMemory, freeMemory, totalMemory, used memory in megabytes and understand the differences between them

If you are new in kotlin or JVM based system and want to know how to get free memory total memory and max memory from the runtime class here s I have shared some example to answer some beginners quest

metabox posted in #kotlin #beginners #tutorial

Kotlin 1 Liner – Get number of available processors / CPU cores from runtime

An example Kotlin code snippet to show you how to get the number of available processors cores CPUs in your environment Get Available CPU s in Kotlin Runtime getRuntime availableProcessors You can als

anonymous posted in #kotlin #http #request #tutorial

Example HttpClient to send GET, POST, PUT, Patch requests in Kotlin Using OKHTTP3

Making requests become super easy in favor of okhttp3 This example implementation would help you to understand and create your own http client in kotlin and send requests Dependencies Let s start with