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Golang HTTP Server POST Request Example & How to Handle Payload Body or Form Data in GO

If you are wondering about to handle a POST request Then you might also have a second question about how to handle request payload right I mean it s crucial every application to parse request body whe

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Go http server routes | Super basic and World's simplest routing example

If you are done with the hello world example Let s start with adding few routes to our application Again this is super super basic routing only for beginners to show you how you can create http path f

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Creating your first web app with a simple "Hello World!" HTTP Server in Go | A Basic web server

If you already familiar with basic go syntax and wondering how can you write a web app in golang then you ve come to the right place In this post we will see how we can get started with writing our fi

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Example Golang Function To Shuffle Letters / Characters Or Words in Text | String Randomizer

Doing a lot of randomize practice today Let s look into another example to build World s simplest letter or word shuffler in go programming Method Shuffle Words This function uses strings Fields to sp

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Simple GoLang Function to Shuffle or Randomize a Slice or Array

If not super often some time we definitely need to randomize an array or slice Here s an example implementation to shuffle our array in go programming Our Shuffle Slice Method Using rand shuffle to ra

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Simple Golang Function For Generating Random String, Strong Password, OTP, Random ID / code for a Given Length

We all need to generate random strings random strong password One time password OTP Pass Code Random user ID Order Code Invoice Code etc So here I have an example go implementation for generating rand

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Javascript "typeof" alternative in Golang which returns type as string

In javascript we have typeof operator returns a string indicating the type of the variable In golang we can write an equivalent function to achieve similar situation by using reflect package In the gi

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A Simple GoLang Function to Merge n Number of Slices | Joining multiple slices Example

This is kinda a beginner question that how we can join multiple arrays or slices in any programming language In golang slices are more popular options when it comes to merge them due to it s dynamic n

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Mutual exclusion lock in golang with examples | Synchronized data access

A mutex is used to ensure exclusive access to data The standard library offers mutex locking mutual exclusion lock using sync Mutex In this post I would like to share what I ve learned about mutex loc

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Golang bufio scanner example | NewScanner

In this post we will see some bufio Scanner examples which comes built in from go language itself Scanner Examples In the code section i ve share 3 example usage of bufio Scanner  Read word from stand

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Difference Between Golang bufio Reader vs Scanner | NewReader VS NewScanner

Golang default package bufio implements buffered I O which wraps io Reader or io Writer It also comes with a Scanner and it often get confused with bufio reader due to their similary In this post we w