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metabox posted in #javascript #nodejs #file #tutorial

Axios Download Binary Files (PDF, Images, TXT etc) In Node.JS Environment | Implementing Your own loader

Here s a simple downloadFile function to download any file using axios in Node JS How To Implement the Axios File Download in Node js Axios is a great http library for both browser and node js If you

anonymous posted in #kotlin #beginners #file #snippets

How To Read Entire Text / JSON File in 1 Line of Kotlin Code

I wanted to read an entire json file which contains my test request I found this very quick and super simple 1 line to read an entire file as string Quickest Solution File path my test json readText S

anonymous posted in #kotlin #beginners #file #snippets

How to get absolute path of my project or current working directory in Kotlin

Super simple trick to get the path of of your project folder in kotlin You can also use this example snippet for your java or spring project as well Example location of your main file Users my user co