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akibal posted in #php #hash #encryption #snippets

How to generate MD5 hash for your password in PHP

Today I ve shared how I have generated MD5 hash with Salt in php to secure passwords Salt As most common MD5 hashes can easily be found in Rainbow table it s better to make your original text hard to

akibal posted in #php #encryption #decryption #snippets

Asymmetric Encryption in PHP

Data encryption and decryption using public and private key by openssl Firstly need to install openssl in your device For check openssl go to Terminal or PowerShell and type openssl If you have openss

anonymous posted in #kotlin #snippets #encryption

How to generate HMAC SHA 256 Signature in Kotlin

Creating and validating signature is commonly use to verify the authenticity of a request. Heres a tiny kotlin function to generate HMAC signature from string data. Using the signature generator val signature = createSignature("myStringData", "mySec