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shihab posted in #docker #devops #tutorial

How To Install PostgreSQL With Docker

In this tutorial, we will see how we can install PostgresSQL with docker on our machine. We developers still install a database on our computers and work on it. but using Docker it takes only seconds

anonymous posted in #docker #devops #wordpress #snippets #tutorial

Install Wordpress In your local machine (Windows, Linux, Mac) with Docker Compose | Prepare Local Development environment in one minute

Example Docker Compose FIle For Wordpress MySQL phpmyadmin This docker compose yaml file is ready to runto use to install worldpress in your local machine in just one minute One file one minute to get

anonymous posted in #docker #devops #tutorial

Using ONBUILD to install packages

This example uses NodeJS but the same principal could apply to Composer in PHP or Python s Pip This creates a library image that is not meant to be used directly The ONBUILD commands will run when som

anonymous posted in #docker #devops #tutorial

Example Dockerfile For Multi-Stage Docker Build For A NodeJS Application

Here is an example Dockerfile for building node.js application using docker multistage builds. Steps to build a typical Node.js application using multistage docker build feature Take a light weight node image (for example node:10.15.2-alpine) Add pa